Kehlbachsiedlung, Oberösterreich (A)


Location: Kehlbachsiedlung, Oberösterreich

Programme: approx. 70.000m² reorganisation to residantial buildings with individual wishes of inhabitants

Commissioned by Government of Oberösterreich

Re-settling flood-land inhabitants

The Government of Oberösterreich is planning the resettlement of all flood victims, both residential and agricultural. In some parts of the country a fast agreement with the landowners was possible. In Saxen, however, it was of great importance to the people that they not only received parcels of land, but that the structure of the existing community could be retained. Finally, a location was found and the KaisersRot Team was commissioned to study the wishes of the inhabitants as well as the need for fluctuating, flexible areas for the farms and the residential buildings. The ambition was to demonstrate a range of different scenarios for plot and area sizes, which proved that the resettlement was possible.

As suspected, the conclusion was reached that a complete satisfaction of all wishes was not possible and that the site area needed to be increased. This study is now the basis of further political discussions regarding flood re-settlement in the country. When these discussions have reached a resolution, we look forward to solving the resettlement problems of the future inhabitants.


Place: Kehlbach, AUT

Team: Markus Braach, Oliver Fritz

Scale: Urban Design